Cost of Living

Index Comparison

CategoryNational AverageRobinson
Composite (100%)10090.7
Grocery (13.4%)10080.4
Health Care (4.26%)10096.4
Housing (29.34%)10085.3
Miscellaneous (34.84%)10094.3
Transportation (9.22%)10097.5
Utilities (8.94%)100100.6

Expected Spending

Household TypeNational AverageRobinson
Home Owner$5,317$4,743
Husband and Wife with Children 6 to 17$6,540$5,921
Husband with Wife and Children under 6$6,101$5,536

Average Cost Comparison

ItemNational AverageRobinson
Apartment Rent$1,087.00$1,049.00
Dentist Visit$95.11$100.53
Doctor Visit$110.71$97.86
Home Price$347,000.00$276,209.00
Optometrist Visit$103.74$93.89
Tire Balance$47.42$53.36
Total Energy$167.56$169.12

Index and average prices are based on data gathered between the first and third quarters of 2018. For more information on the methodology, please visit C2ER Cost of Living Index website.